Terms of Service
Who May Use This Site
You must be at least 18 years old, and living in a place in which it is legal, to use any part of this site. This site contains images and text which are oriented toward an adult audience or that you may find offensive. (18 U.S.C. 2257 Statement)

Content Allowed
We only allow content that contains some wet or messy content or information, as per our working definition of wam, which is "getting wet or messy in some non-bodily-fluid substance." This means no peeing or defacating. Web sites are not subject to these restrictions so long as they also contain wam content. We allow simulated bodily fluids under the umbrella of WAM.

In our website directory, we will not link to any sites that contain real or implied depictions of forced sex, violence, passing out, drugs, hallucinating, hypnosis, blackmail, inebriation, non-consensual sex, vomiting, shitting, beastiality, live animals or bugs, celebrities, incest, nudists, pedophilia, death, dead people, or necrophilia, even if it's totally fake, implied, or spoken. We do not allow web site submissions that contain wam site affiliate linking codes in them, or any type of gambling or raffles.

For photos and videos uploaded directly to this site, we have additional rules: No pissing is allowed. No one under 18 can be present anywhere in the content in absolutely any context, including the background. Do not advertise escort services. Bondage is okay, so long as it is only by the wrists, does not depict crying or hard struggling, and it is very clear that the model can escape. You are responsible for maintaining your own Custodian of Records (2257) documents and model release forms for your content. If the content is not yours, it's your responsibility to get permission to post it. Do not publish private links, or links to content that has been stated as explicitly hidden by its owner.

We allow off-topic content in the user profiles and personal galleries, so long as it is not just generic porn, and abides by the other rules.

Keep your and others' personal information off of this site. Don't publish anyone's real name, address, or other personal information, and keep yours private as well.

Any content can be flagged for violations, including copyright. The administration personally reviews each case and we will make the most fair decision based on everything we can know. Photos will normally be removed immediately, but for videos and store content, we may have to get all parties to communicate before we make a decision. All flags and actions by our users are remembered permanently in our logging systems.

By uploading, hot-linking, or HTML-embedding any images, videos, or other content to our site via the forum or any other facility, you acknowledge that you are giving us the right to host, archive, download, modify, and distribute those images to the public. While actual copyright of the material remains yours, you give us the license to make your content viewable anywhere on our site, including our Premium member-only "Picture Archive," which helps fund the site to prevent the need for pop-ups and other sleazy types of advertisement.

Our users visit this site to get informed on legitimate, fresh wam content and news, whether you are affiliated with us or not. But any attempt to overrepresent your product (or an associate's product) over others will be seen as spam. Please do not create new forum threads for a product you've already plugged before, unless it's on a new site. Real conversation is welcome, but please don't bump existing threads back to the top with gratuitous banter, purposely delayed replies, or the strategic rationing or images or other details. Do not post just to mention that a sale is nearing its end, don't use every excuse to reply about your customs business. It's sometimes reasonable to have multiple site accounts or to share an account, for business purposes or personal reasons. But any use of extra accounts to manipulate our ratings and voting systems, or to post or contact other users incognito, will be construed as fraud. We link to all your sites under every forum post, so we don't allow banners in posts or signatures.

We monitor and take action against pirated material on this site, and our community keeps a watchful eye on other sites for piracy against any of our producers. Anyone caught uploading purchased content on another site will immediately be banned.
Please use our "Report" links to flag any content you feel is not being used by permission, and use the Report Piracy link at the bottom of the site if you see it happening somewhere else. We will alert the appropriate producers, and add your submission to our list of known pirates, for the convenience of our site owner community.
Custom Films
We support all producers who offer custom film creation services. We allow linking to and advertising web sites for those services without prior approval. But no person may use the inboxing or chat systems system to solicit or negotiate personalized film creation services to other users, without being listed on our Approved Custom Producers list.

To get on the list, you must be explicitly approved by the site owner. For consideration, you must own a download store on this site, containing active content for sale. This rule ensures that you have a public entry in our producer ratings area, and gives prospective customers some example content to review. Your store must have a reasonably consistent history of updates, and you must show good communication with other members of this site. You are not required to actually sell your custom content on this site; Only to be listed if you want to solicit our members. For consideration, contact admin. Here's our FAQ on customs.

Use the customs ratings and reviews at your own risk. We do not endorse nor guarantee the work of anyone, even if they are on the list, and will not be held responsible for any consequences, monetary or otherwise, of arrangements initiated through this service. We are not an escrow service, so it's the sole responsibility of the customer and producer to make their own contractual agreement on all aspects of the finished product and its delivery, as well as consequences for uncompleted work or nonpayment. We are not a collection agency for non-paying customers, nor can we guarantee completion of an order in any time frame.

Crowdfunding and Fundraisers
We do not allow the advertisement of any crowdfunding campaigns, or requests to receive money from multiple people, if there is a promise of a product or service for it, because we cannot guarantee delivery of that product or service. Plain fundraisers, where there is no expectation of anything in return, are acceptable. We do not allow raffles, either in isolation, or in combination with paid product, because we cannot vouch for or guarantee the winnings after the customer has paid for the chance to win.

Please do not use Paypal to pay or accept payment for any type of business negotiated at this site, whether it is for physical or digital products and services, customs, or otherwise. It is against their terms of use. Their idea of what is "adult" is more stringent than yours, and they will suspend your account for it. Paypal is our business partner because they chose to accept payments through our biller, Epoch, so it is important to us that all visitors to respect this rule. Users that we find negotiating actual business here via Paypal may have their accounts suspended. There are other money transfer services that may be more lenient with these types of transactions, and we have no problems with you using those. The use of Paypal at your own external web site is your choice and not against our terms, but please do that at your own risk.

Refund Policy
Digital purchases made on our stores are very large, so you must make sure that you have a reliable internet connection that is robust enough to handle the file-size of your purchase. You may not share or distribute any of the files that you purchase. Because of the nature of digital downloads, consideration for a refund will only be made after a full explanation of why you were not able to enjoy your purchase. Please review all of the promotional materials for your prospective purchase before committing to buying it, and note that some download scenes do not have videos in them, and some come without sound.

Dispute Resolution
Conflicts are attempted to be handled primarily by getting all parties to communicate. The site owner will attempt to media a conversation where all parties can be satisfied. If an agreement cannot be reached, the site owner will decide on a course of action. Copyright claims for photos are normally honored outright, but claims on videos may result in immediate suspension of the item until the poster is contacted and we find a resolution. Copyright claims for content found off of this site (such as a tube site) can result in the removal of all links to that content. In such a case, we will notify the owner of the content.

While we do everything we can do provide a smooth service, like any site we will have to go offline occasionally for maintenance. Therefore we do not guarantee uptime availability.

UMD.NET is a private website that does not to sell, give, or otherwise share its users' information or habits with any other company or entity, for any price. We feel that your actions and preferences are owned by you, and are simply not products to be marketed. Here is how we respect your privacy.

Minimum InformationWe only collect the bare minimum of info necessary to run the site properly and perform legal due diligence, and no more. The best security is to avoid storing sensitive info in the first place. Beyond the normal system logging that all servers do, the only information we'll ever have is what you deliberately give us. Sensitive documents such as W9's are kept offline and we do not store social security or phone numbers. We do not handle any credit card information; That's handled separately by our biller, whose own privacy regulations prevent them from sharing it with us.
Information Kept HereWe recognize that the information we do know about you is not ours to market or sell. We do not collaborate with, or share or sell our user data to anyone. We will not reveal to any outside user your IP address, email, real name, sales stats, purchase history, or visitation habits. We enforce this rule on all users and moderators as well. All email lists and subscriptions are opt-in and never unsolicited.
Secure HTTPS ConnectionAll pages and content on this site are transmitted back and forth via SSL, the same encryption technology your bank uses. This voluntary measure prevents hackers, governments, and wifi snoops from reading any intercepted communications. Your password is stored in an encrypted state so nobody can read it, including us.
Private CookiesThese are tiny bits of information that your browser remembers and sends back to us on each page load. They keep you logged in and they are how we remember your shopping cart and viewing preferences. Cookies are restricted to the originating site only, and will absolutely never be used to track or share your habits with any other entity.
Privacy OptionsUsers accounts come with a substantial set of privacy options, including private and invisible profiles, and anonymous shopping. You may make private forum posts, give anonymous loves, and more.
ModerationUsers are not allowed to post personally-identifiable information about you, even in times of conflict. Issues should be resolved privately, and we are here to help.
ArbitrarionIf you feel your privacy is at risk for any reason, use the Contact page or flag the offending content. See our Arbitration section for how we deal with conflicts.
3rd PartiesWe use Google Analytics to provide us with statistics and analysis of our server performance and traffic. Google uses cookies (1st, not 3rd party) and your IP address to make this work, but they are anonymized so that all that is reported is general statistical information. We do not let Google use any of this information for their ads because we block their Advertising Features. More on Google Analytics privacy. We use no other 3rd party resource in relation to our traffic.
Beyond our ControlThe tiny bit of respect that ISP's and governments used to have for our privacy is either rapidly crumbling at best, or already long gone at worst. Connectivity providers have the legal right to track and market your activities without your consent, and now they can throttle or even block your connection to sites for whatever reason they wish. Though we can't stop third parties from knowing that you visited UMD, our HTTPS connection on every page will hide everything you watch and do here. We are monitoring for anyone being throttled or blocked. If you believe we are being slowed unfairly by your internet service provider, please contact us. Please visit battleforthenet.com for information on Net Neutrality.

Harassment is not tolerated here.
We are a relaxed community more concerned with honest opinion and integrity than political correctness. But maturity and respect are always required. Name-calling, threats, shaming, bullying, and fake accounts are all forms of harassment.

Repetitive messages are also harassment, so if someone tells you they don't want to be messaged again, any further contact can get you gagged or banned from the site. Likewise, if you wish for someone to not contact you again, please be sure you actually tell them so; Almost all issues are caused by simple miscommunication.

Speak up! Flag any content you feel is inappropriate, as it alerts us and permanently notates the other user's account for posterity. If anyone makes you feel a little uncomfortable for any other reason, please contact us so we can review that user's actions with you and others around the site, because sometimes intuitions are right. We do not have an individual user blocking feature on our inbox, because an admin will block the user site-wide instead, or even remove the user's account or block their IP address at the server level id necessary. For this reason, having the site admin handing all the blocking is much more effective, and as well as prevents retaliation to the victim.

All new site accounts belonging to females come with certain social features turned off by default, such as private chat, non-friend inboxing, and the wam party. They can be turned on later.

Please beware that this site and its content are of a sexual nature, and have been for decades. People and models regularly post content that runs the gamut of sexuality. Within that context, visitors and fans often engage with models and users to make requests and comments--sometimes sexual. As such, we need to take an intelligent approach to our boundaries for what is harassment, as they are a bit different from a plain site: Single comments or requests to perform a sexual act, for example, would not automatically be considered harassment unless the person kept asking repeatedly, or after being denied, or if it was violent, etc. Every flag and complaint becomes a part of the user's permanent record, so context will always be available to moderators and admin to make an informed decision on user intent.

Approaching the Models
Models may appear in erotic content, they might happen to portray sexual deviants, and they may even entitle scenes something like "naughty wam slut bitches." This is a sexual fantasy site and producers have the freedom to shoot that content and label it as such. But do not confuse the character in the scene with the model playing it. When addressing models and other users, you must treat them just like a normal person and not presume that they are there just to fill your every sexual fantasy. Though this is a fetish site, inappropriate contact is still considered harassment, and action will be taken.

Watch What You Post
Please be reminded that content that you post here is public, and will be seen by many people. Search engines can access it and once it's on the internet, it is indelible. We have many privacy options, but once you post content for public consumption, we cannot control what other users do with it. So use extra judgement when you post. Watch the information you give out on the Personals and other forums and chat, and be very vigilant when attempting to meet people. We can't be held accountable for any events that arise from contacts made on or because of this site.

Watch What You Buy
Our linking out to sites in the directory, forums, and other locations does not denote endorsement of those sites. This site cannot be held responsible for purchases not made here, including paid orders that have not been fulfilled, pay-sites that do not meet your expectations, and credit card or other types of fraud. We make a reasonable effort to keep the clearly illegitimate sites out of our database, but there is no substitute for doing your own research and finding out who is reputable. It is not advised that you pay for goods by money order, or any other type of payment with which you could not get your money back if things turn sour. Any producer offering custom work must be listed on our Trusted Customs Producers list, or else they are working against this site's rules; Do not do business with them.
Host Guidelines

Some very dedicated people have been here long enough to understand the larger picture of what makes this culture tick, and they have been given administrative, or moderation powers. We prefer to call these people hosts, as they are the ambassadors of UMD. They each have been given specific abilities to take corrective actions as necessary, but they understand that the top goal is always to keep it fun and peaceful, not oppressive and intimidating. We are here to help those who don't quite understand our ways, and to help those who don't respect the rules understand why they are in place.

A moderator's task is to set the tone and keep it fun. It is ineffective to only kick and ban and publicly admonish offenders, because everyone hates to be corrected. Treat each member like a guest at your party, and don't say anything you wouldn't speak to their face. Discreetness is key: Use inboxing for primary communication and only leave a public response if you think it would be of value to the site itself and to the tens of thousands of other people who will read it. Avoid outright deleting posts and content unless it is extremely clear that the person is shirking the rules on purpose or has a history of doing so; Otherwise just flag them for the owner's review

People make mistakes and have bad days, but almost all of us are essentially good people with different life experiences. Everyone thinks they are doing the right thing at the time they are doing them, and from their perspective and available information, they probably are. Our strategy is to get people on the same page with how this site operates, and why. Never berate a user or quote our rules at them! Instead, try to "overstand" their reasons, then help them understand what they are missing. Treating people like humans is proven to prevent blowback and escalation because corrective action is humiliating. Because thousands of people are watching, the tone set by from moderators affects how everyone else speaks to each other on this site, publicly and privately.

Do not create new or sticky threads just to remind people of the rules. Those posts are not only junky but fleeting, and we prefer more permanent and comprehensive solutions; Contact the site owner if you have ideas or think something is important to get out.

It's important to respect the gender identity of all users, especially when it differs from one's biological gender, or assigned sex. But also understand that this is a visual, media-based website, and that physical appearance is how most of our users expect things to be organized and presented. So by default we will categorize content and moderate based on the perceived biological gender. That is overridden when the user has specified themselves as a different gender on their profile. This way we respect them and their content as that gender, even if they are obviously the biological opposite.

Please flag all offenses instead of taking action, unless the infraction is very clear-cut and obvious. You can immediately take action on things like duplicate postings, wrong gender or forum, divulging personal info, or underaged content, etc.

Avoid locking a thread as a corrective action unless you truly believe the user won't stop the behavior, or the discussion is spinning out of control.

When typing a reason for taking an action, the customer is sent that message. People HATE to be moderated, so please do not to reprimand or threaten the user. Instead, help them understand why we had to take action, and approach them with the mindset that they've contributed in good faith.

Only publicly correct a user if you feel there is benefit to the entire forum reading it, too; Otherwise, it is almost always best done privately.

Don't create threads to remind people of rules.

Never quote our terms of service at a user. Never threaten to ban or remove a user.

There is no requirement to use groups instead of forums for any particular topic. Never move a post from a forum to a group unless asked by the topic originator.

Cross-posting and other types of duplicate posts from the same user are not allowed, and any extras should be deleted, preferably the newest ones. But if the newer post has replies already, delete the other instead. If they both have replies, merge the newer thread into the older one. If the duplicate posting is from a different user, leave it alone.

Commercial posts about content are allowed in the forums, but only one time per scene per site that the content is on. People invent all sorts of ways to repeatedly plug their businesses, sales, events, upcoming content, and more, so we should be wary of the encroachment of new ways to spam.

Thank you so much for all your help, and advice. You are the philosophy leaders of the UMD.
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